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About Jewellery Haven

About the Founder: Felicia Yap... That's me!

I experienced my first taste of jewellery-making in 2004 when I took up jewellery-making courses. Fascinated by the world of gemstones, I eventually quit my full-time job at the lab in 2005 and sold my items at hotel fairs, carts and in shopping mall boutique stores.

After the birth of my son in 2008, I began Jewellery Haven on an Etsy store and began to focus full-time on the business. I was blessed enough to be able to build a solid community of followers and regulars over the next decade, simply because I have a deep passion for creating new beautiful designs that my buyers love, and also because I make it my priority to serve them with utmost excellence. My buyers come from all over the world and I get to make friends of all kinds, thanks to the work that I do!

With the success of Jewellery Haven after so many years, I decided to open my very own independent online store in January 2019. In spite of this new growth, I continue to focus on making this business a personable one, for I believe it is that personal touch that makes a huge difference between me and any other regular jewellery brand. 


About the Gemstones

The gemstones I use are very carefully sourced and will only be selected based on its quality, clarity, and uniqueness. 


About the Designs

Tourmaline is a Jewellery Haven speciality, and is a prominent stone found in majority of the designs. Shying away from minimalism and 'simplicity', my creations are famously elaborate and often colourful, including no less than 2-3 gemstone combinations found in each design. All items are considered one-of-a-kind - no two are the same, thanks to the natural uniqueness of each stone.