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Triple Baroque Pearl Necklace for L.

A mother's love is unparalleled. Some mothers dream of little girls to play dress up. Others daydream of being BFFs with their offspring. It's often the case these days for mummies to customise pieces with their family birthstones. L approached me with her request, but somewhat different. She's decided to stop at 3 kids and wanted a special piece made with her family birthstones.

L commissioned me to hunt for AAAA white pearls, all of same length but of varying shapes. A unique baroque to represent each son, the whitest of white I could source to signify their innocence, the brightest of bright to contrast against their birthstones. The pearls I found passed muster! Look what we got! 😍😍😍 But what shall we do with them? I wondered and pondered. 3 is a crowd for earrings, and too lopsided for a sensible lariat.

L had her own ideas. She asked for 3 detachable pendants arranged on a gold chain in order of her sons' births. L didn't forget her husband. She asked for a large amethyst (his birthstone) teardrop on the chain extension to represent his solid support of her at all times (the man's got her back!). I worked on one pearl first, showed L the result. She approved and loved the colour gradient draping the pearl!

Spurred by L's special piece, I quickly assembled the rest chronologically. See the thought process in the pic - WIP!

I was most excited to wrap up the masterpiece and observe L's reaction.

L's remarks upon receipt, "Befitting for royalty! For me, a queen to rule them all...!" I'm knackered from rushing the order but lived for this moment of appreciation from customers.

P. S. Did anyone notice that each chain has a different number of Ethiopian opals flanking each baroque? The meaning behind...? 😊