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Purple Edison pearl combo for mother and daughter.

Mother and daughter share a bond like no other. A mini-me in the daughter. A figure to look up to in the mother. In this post, we created 2 pairs of earrings in matching purple iridescent Edison pearls, each pair with their respective owners’ birthstone to stamp their individuality.

As you can see, these pearls are smooth surface tear drop shaped. The mirrored surface containing hints of gold and moss green, emphasising the deep purples emanating from the nacre.

These are set in silver, as a nod to the youthful mother and daughter combo. After all, the mother is only in her 30s and her daughter just had her tender ears pierced 2 months ago!! Love what you see? Perhaps you have a young daughter to rock these pearls together? Or a mummy to play dress up with? Maybe a sister, cousin or BFF to don twinning earrings? These are for you!