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6 gorgeous gemstone earrings to get you all ready for Spring - 2020 Update!

Edit/ 2020: I've made an update to the Spring selects here, featuring newer items in my store - check it out!

You don’t need the ice to melt to start channelling some spring vibes as early as the beginning of March! Jumpstart your spring with these pastel-coloured gemstone earrings, and be a wonderful and positive reminder to your community that winter is almost over.

Floralia #9

Inspired by the gorgeous flowery vines of the Wisteria, this combination of pink, green, blue and teal moss will forever remind you of blooms in spring.

Floralia #3

Cotton candy dreams are yours with this sweet pair! I especially love how the minty green Chrysoprase cabochons complement the pink tourmaline and ethiopian opals clusters perfectly, giving you a perfect mix of youthfulness and sweetness, and taking you back to days of childhood!

Floralia #4

For those who prefer something more elegant, this design gives you that. My peachy pink baroque pearls leave you a reminder of days of bloom, even in the hot dry spells or cold winter moments.

Floralia #5

Another peachy pink combo for lovers of sweet looks!

Opalised Fossil wood earrings #3

A departure from the conventional sweet style, this design brings a fresh and youthful vibe and is great look for the young and adventurous at heart. If you also prefer a more minimalistic look, you will be glad to know that I am playing with more of these simple, elegant frames for my upcoming designs.

Enchanted Garden #10

This design is a nice little reminder of the lush gardens of temperate countries, where it was not uncommon to find gorgeous flowers of all colours growing pretty in a row.
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