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Pearl Jewellery

Lustrous and iridescent pearls, hand-picked for their natural characteristics and paired with gorgeous cluster combinations.
True lovers of pearl jewellery will be delighted to find the unique selection of handmade pearl designs I have here. I have sourced for authentic freshwater pearls, as well as baroque pearls and Keshi pearls, to be part of my handmade, one-of-a-kind earrings and occasionally necklaces.

Jewels from the Sea #11 -  Light peachy pink Baroque pearls with beautiful iridescent lustre and thick nacre. These are AAA grade baroque pearls and I have paired them with a cascade of excellent cut and faceted Tourmaline briolette drops. 
Though it is common to find off-white pearl overtones around many jewellery stores in Singapore, you will be amazed to see that these are not the only hues available. Other common pearls that I source also have overtones of pink or grey.  I especially like my lilac and pink hued pearls because they offer a beautiful feminine charm, and are extremely unique and outstanding. Heads turn when you walk down the street with such statement pieces. Only the special beauty of nature can offer these.
Rebirth #9 - Dangle earrings with Grey Keshi Pearls, Pink/Green Tourmaline briolettes and Pink Tourmaline rondelles 
So don’t be surprised to find that I only offer one of each gemstone jewellery design here in store. No two can be the same, because I source only the authentic, AAA-grade gemstones for my creations. As nature goes, it is practically impossible to find duplicates. And that is what makes gemstones so amazing and unique.
Would you love to own your very own pair of pearl earrings, or statement baroque pearl necklaces? They are some of the most popular gemstones at Jewellery Haven, and I am always updating my catalogue of pearl jewellery designs. Do not hesitate to make a purchase if you see something that you like here, because all my designs are one-of-a-kind, and sell out quickly. Otherwise, feel free to reach out for a custom design, I do those too!