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Labradorite Jewellery

The labradorite, a feldspar gemstone, is a unique beauty known for its stunning and distinct property: Labradorescence. This optical effect can be described as irisdescent flashes of light that are exclusive to the labradorite, because of its mineral properties. 

Labradorite stones used for jewelry on Jewellery Haven

What I love most about the labradorite is that each stone's flashes of colour are never alike to another's. It is just like possessing your own personal rainbow in your hands!

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Rainbow Rocks #5 - Labradorite briolettes on an elaborate chandelier frame made from gold vermeil. Complemented by blue zircon and Ethiopian opal rondelles.

The Labradorite, named after a province in Canada called Labrador (an area where the stone is found commonly). You can identify the Labrador by its many streaks and dark lines - a very common property! In fact, it is really hard to find a labradorite that hardly has any flaws.

The value of a labradorite also is determined by its labradorescence. A greater play of colour will increase its value.

I am on constant lookout for labradorites - and all my other gemstones - which reflect outstanding and breathtaking qualities compared to common pieces. As such, you can expect nothing less than high quality and authentic labradorites used in my earrings and necklaces in my store.

Latest designs of Labradorite Jewelry on Jewellery Haven

Looking for a distinctive and beautiful piece of jewelry for a loved one? If you or your loved one are the type that loves to stand out and possess something classy, yet unique, be sure to shop for a labradorite pendant or labradorite earrings at Jewellery Haven. Be a proud owner of exquisite, authentic and one-of-a-kind gemstone jewellery when you shop at my store.

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