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Celebration of new beginnings...a tale of the kwa and the gown

How does one satisfy a bride-to-be's demands for a multifunctional pair of earrings? A pair that would be befitting a queen for a day with her various changes worthy of Tatler?

The bride's favourite gem was the Columbian emerald. But when A was showed a sample of my past works with her favourite gem, her eyes didn't sparkle as one might expect. She explained her vision of a gleaming red kwa in the day and her majestic white tuxedo gown (yes, you read that right). She was a woman of exacting taste, but yet at a loss for the perfect accessory.

I started to put together some of my most precious pieces...some I have hoarded for a special occasion or perhaps, to keep for my daughters when they become of age (and hopefully come to their mummy to make their wedding jewelry). This was after all, my first commission for a bride! Certainly calls for my hoarded stash to be brought out.

I paired my most luscious velvety purplish pearls with the last of my small watermelon toumalines. The metallic hues of purple, blue, red and green of the pearls glowed against the Christmasy colours of the watermelon toumaline! I threw in some red garnet and green tsarvorite in the mix. Then assembled the pieces on both shiny silver and warm rose gold metals. The end result blew me was the most handsome pair of earrings I had ever made! I could immediately see A wearing the earrings in the day with her red kwa and taking her through the night to her tuxedo gown! With her blue-black midnight locks and her tall stature (long legs to her armpits I am sure), A would be a sight to behold!

When I showed A a video of the earrings, she had only one word, "sublime!"

With that single word, I knew the bride had found her accessories for her special day! Truly a celebration of new beginnings, for her as a bride, and for me, my first commission for someone's most important day in her life. I am honoured indeed.