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Birthday design for a best friend

What's that in my hand, you say? Why, it's clearly a flashy labradorite carved squirrel!
With its beady eyes trained on you in a crouched position (as if ready to pounce) and unmistakable flash of blue and green streaks, the squirrel was both adorable and magnificent at the same time. Look closer at the fine specimen nestling on my fingers and you'd agree... Holding that thought, a design started to bubble up. But this time, you asked for something different. You didn't want the usual colourful burst of colours, nor the complementary shades of the sea. You issued a tall order! Something with your birth stone in mind...opals! Yet, also something that was chic and monochrome, to suit your urban Sydney lifestyle. What shall I conjure for you? I started to sweat. Could I deliver what you ordered in vague notes?

Heck, of course I delivered! I was going to do absolute justice to the flashy squirrel and the birthday girl, if it's the last thing I do!

Conceptualisation stage...see ye, look ye! But you started to doubt. You couldn't visualise the end-product. Your hubby fell silent when his view was sought.

But you still held steadfast to your trust in me. I toiled through the night for something magical for you. Your shiny eyes said it all... Happy birthday, October babe!!