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Ammonite earrings for C.

Despite some degree of trypophobia, I was drawn to the humble ammonite mollusk while sourcing for new and interesting material. It is one of the most common fossil found in marine rocks, identifiable by their coiled, croissant shape with distinct circles marked within each half when split. I have a couple of large ones each the size of my head at home sitting proudly on my shelves. You can see them here in my video. πŸ˜†

Extinction of the ammonite mollusk coincided with the disappearance of dinosaurs. Nonetheless, the ammonite is believed to bring wealth to its owner, promise of career upswing when placed at work, and deliver an overall sense of wellbeing to its wearer. 😊

The sheer variety of size allows one to showcase them in grand fashion at home or adorn a woman's ears simply. I'm proud to walk this journey with a customer recently. It started with C asking for ammonite earrings to show her kids who were learning about renewable energy and fossil fuel. I had just brought in a few pairs of ammonite halves in dainty sizes. Being adventurous with colours, C asked for 3 different combinations of gems as visual aids against the fossil- see 2nd pic.

These were clearly unusual colour combination of gems. I was excited to customise for a daring customer and waited with bated breath...which combination would blow her away?

Clearly, C went for the loudest and boldest. To highlight the silvery white outlines of the fossil, C matched the earrings with silver hooks. πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“

Outcome? Res ipsa loquitur....tada!