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Custom baroque pearl necklace for L.

“The problem with people who have no vices is that generally you can be pretty sure they're going to have some pretty annoying virtues." - Elizabeth Taylor

L was a very virtuous lady with a very annoying virtue...she loved clutching her pearls, but not just any pearls. L had a larger than life personality, an ego that filled a room before she entered, so only a majestic strand of psychedelic colour pearls would do. L directed me to drape her neck with baroque of all colours, but mainly cream, interspersed with deep purple and peachy-pink. She also wanted to break up the monotony of pearls with something unexpected - agate. Plucking out the piece de resistance from my treasure trove of gemstones, she retrieved a massive piece of banded agate. Spurred by her find, L squealed when she fished out 2 large barrels of blue lace agate.

Next came the art of arrangement. My hands shook in trying to place the pearls in order of colour, shape and iridescence. I slotted the agate gingerly between the pearls and showed L the result, waiting with bated breath for her approval.

L only had 1 question, "do you have a clasp for the strand, in case the necklace can't fit over my brainy crown?" Of course I did! Adding a gold glided toggle clasp, L finally nodded with approval and smiled. Yay! A dramatic customisation done and dusted!