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All Dressed in Pearls: Your Definitive Guide to Choosing the Perfect Wedding Jewellery

Wedding season is here! Have you received any invites yet?

The most popular time to get married has got to be during the second half of each year, and it won’t be surprising if you’ve already received invites to more than two weddings for the rest of 2019. Based on surveys and research, it has been proven that the most popular wedding months include September and October, but I am aware that December is a popular month for many Singaporean couples to get married, too.
I decided to bring this topic up because I myself have been invited to my cousin’s wedding in September. Wedding seasons are not so frequent for me anymore, for most of my community are now already parents of more than two or three kids. So, when I got the invite, I found myself racking my brain for ideas on what to wear for a wedding dinner. It’s been a while, and admittedly, I’m getting a bit rusty in this department.
It got me thinking about my own wedding from many years back. Because my husband and I are of different ethnicities, I was privileged to enjoy not one, but two wedding styles that was a - pardon the pun - marriage of classic and elaborate! Have a look at this blast from the past and you will understand what I mean.


Traditional + elaborate jewellery...
... Meets classic!
Since we are nearing the last quarter of 2019 which is the hottest wedding season ever, why not suggest a few ideas for jewellery that you can wear to a wedding?
It just so happens that my site’s hot gemstone trend for 2019 will have to be PEARLS, which are the perfect gemstones for anything bridal. Whether you're the bride-to-be, part of the bridal party, or just a wedding guest, here are some beautiful examples of earrings you can wear for that important wedding ceremony.




The Baby Classics

The best thing about pearls are that they are statements on their own. With a natural iridescence of its own, a pearl brings forth an undeniably innocent ladylikeness. My simple pearl designs have been such a hot favourite selection this year, and I’ve taken the liberty to create collections of sweet little Edison pearl and drop pearl earrings over the last few months, with many of them selling out within the first two hours of the day.

My simple classic pearl earrings are often paired with gold-filled and 925 silver materials. They bring a classy finish to any gown, and are so easy to match. At an affordable price range, they make for great gifts to your bridesmaids, to be worn along with their gowns for the ceremony!


The Cheeky Baroques

For those who fancy bigger sized earrings that can make a statement without being too over-the-top, you’ll love my collection of baroque pearl designs from my Jewels from the Sea collection. Another customer favourite, my ‘Easter egg’ baroque pearls also tell their own stories with their unique shapes, and I often love to decorate them with different rondelle clusters. Baroque pearls are my most popular gemstones picked for custom designs, because they are so versatile and can go with almost everything.


The Head Turners  

Of course, there have been times when I’ve had requests for bigger baroque pearls, or more embellishments to them. These are requests from customers who love earrings with colourful, feisty personalities!

I spent a large portion of jewellery design career creating jewellery with unique gemstone combinations that tell exciting tales of their own. These designs are a hallmark of my creativity and I absolutely love telling stories through them. It is an exciting process, too, when I get to work with customers one bespoke orders that reveal their individual personalities. Whether you’re a bride, bridesmaid, mother of the bride/groom, or a wedding guest, you are not excluded from such adventurous pearl earring designs.





Browse the store for elaborate wedding-ready earrings now, and be the talk of the town with an unforgettable statement design!

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